Get Comfortable - Look forward, breathe slowly and easily, relax.

State Your Goal - Tell yourself your purpose in going into self hypnosis. "I am going into a trance for the purpose of _____________ . (Filling in the blank with what you want to achieve.) During this self-hypnosis session my unconscious mind will make the adjustments so that _____________ (Filling in the blank with what you want to achieve) occurs naturally and easily.

How To Feel Afterward - Tell yourself how you want to feel when you complete the process and how long you wish to be in a trance, "In twenty minutes, I'm going to feel __________".

The Induction - Notice three things (one at a time) that you see. Go slowly, look at each one for a moment.
Now pay attention to your auditory channel and notice, one by one, three things that you hear.
Next, become aware of your feelings - notice three sensations. Go slowly from one to the next. You can use sensations that normally are outside of your awareness, such as the temperature of your ankle, the feeling of the bottom of your feet, the weight of some piece of clothing, etc.
Continue the process using two things you see, then two sounds and then two feelings.
Now one visual, one auditory and one kinesthetic.

Close your eyes.
Picture something. You can make an image up or just let one happen.
Pause and "imagine" a sound.
Next, imagine a feeling.
Repeat the process with two images, then two sounds, then two feelings.
Repeat using three images, sounds and feelings.

If you don't get all the way through, relax. In fact, it's a sign that you've gone deep enough if you lose track of where you are in the process. Just let your mind wander where it will and trust that your unconscious is carrying out the suggestions you gave it.
Allow yourself to come out of trance whenever it feels appropriate. You'll often find that you come out very near the time you suggested.