Hypnosis is in fact, all in your mind. The human mind is without question the most powerful amazing machine on earth. Imagine for a moment harnessing the power of the human mind, and all it is capable of.

Most people don’t realize by simply changing the way they think about something, they can change the way they feel about something. Also by thinking differently, they can make things happen that are impossible for the body to do.

Whatever you believe is possible. You have heard the stories of the child who was trapped under a car and a mother weighing less than 125 pounds was able to lift a 2000 pound car so the child could escape. In that moment, it was not only possible but necessary. The mind said lift this and the body complied.

Here is an even more amazing and true story. An Englishman had cancer and was given a very short amount of time to live. This man had suffered with his illness for quite some time. The problem was that the doctors told the family there was nothing they could do, take him home and let him die with dignity.

Here is what happened. The man went home and was bed ridden. After a couple of days he got out of bed, and started moving around. In a few more days he was tending to house, taking care of his garden, and was seemingly fine. The family thought nothing at first, except this was the calm before the storm. Months passed and the family was amazed at the miraculous recovery.

They contacted his doctors to tell them, and they couldn’t believe he was alive, let alone carrying on a full life. They brought the old man in to confirm the complete recovery. This was the first time the old man found out he was sent home to die. Nobody bothered to tell him. He thought the only reason he would be sent home was because he was well. Sick people stay in the hospital, well people go home. This fact was accepted by his subconscious and it made it so.

When the doctors tested him, all signs of cancer were gone. But, unfortunately, this was short lived. Now that the man knew the truth, the cancer quickly reformed and he died within weeks.

Now, let’s prove that you can get these kinds of results for yourself, only on a much smaller scale.

Think about a food you really dislike. Spinach, brussel sprouts, mint ice cream, whatever you truly hate. Now, think about a food you don’t hate, but don’t really care for you could take it or leave it. Maybe liver, bologna, spinach, etc. Again something you could take or leave but not hate.

Go back to the food you hate. What image comes to mind? Notice where the image is located. Notice its size, brightness, color or black and white? Is there a frame around the image? Is it a still image or a movie? I just want you to notice everything about the picture.

Now, do the same thing for the one you can take or leave. Same questions. Most importantly, notice the DIFFERENCES between the two.

Now, that you have found the differences between the two, here is what you do. Get the picture of the food you are indifferent about. Take the picture and imagine it is made of rubber. Pull the picture away from you till it is but a dot in the distance. Now when you let go of the image it will snap into place exactly where the food you hate is located with all the changes that made it different become the same. Same size, location, distance, frame (if any), brightness, color or black and white, still or moving.

Pull the picture back into a dot and let it spring to the new location with all of its new attributes. Start with its old location and end in the new one. Repeat this six or seven times. Again, taking the picture of the food you don’t care about, and pulling it back till its only a dot and let it spring back into the location of the food you hate. Repeat two more times.

Now, go make sure the fish is not in the microwave… I’ll wait.

OK. Now think about the food you used to couldn’t care one way or the other about. In the past you could take it or leave it. Does the mere thought about the food make you feel differently now? Could you take it? My guess is you have no desire to ever taste it again.