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Thread: The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock

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    The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock


    2012: Tragedy, transcension or just another year? David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan Calendar and much, much more! Part I: CONVERGENCE The Movie, consciousness energy field, Edgar Cayce reincarnation, Da Vinci Code, Inconvenient Truth, galactic alignment, dodecahedron, 2012 / DNA crop circles, sacred geometry as vibration, tetrahedron, 19.5 degrees Part II: Hans Jenny / Cymatics, space and time inverting, wave-particle duality, Buckyballs / fullerenes, DNA as a wave, Kaznacheyev, psychic healing, Dewey Larson, 3D time, space-time fabric, time-space Part III: Fairy circles, natural stargates, ESP, nested spheres, channeling, chakras, Pineal gland, Sumerian tablets, Osiris, kundalini, pine cone symbolism, Tammuz, Shiva, Third Eye, Bindi, Bacchus, Dionysus, Jesus, the Vatican Part IV: Pyramid sarcophagus, cathedral windows, the World Tree, melatonin, DMT, ayahuasca, Dreams, Out of Body Experience, the Silver Cord Part V: Mark of the Beast, microclusters, synchronicity, shamanism, holographic sound, reverse-engineering the pineal gland, Dan Burisch, Project Looking Glass, CONTACT Part VI: The Last Mimzy, the Roswell Crash, the Cube / Yellow Disc, Hellraiser, election tampering, pole shift, time-viewing technology, the Iraq War, DCTP / Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, human-lineage ETs Part VII: Tree of Life, Illuminati, Rothschilds, Hitler, New World Order, Lucifer, Luciferian philosophy, Catholic church, Philadelphia Experiment / Rainbow Project Part VIII: Phoenix III, Montauk chair, time travel, Dec. 21, 2012, 20-year cycle, Stargate SG-1, Outer Band Individuated Teletracer / OBIT, The Outer Limits, Time Vector Generator / TVG, Mars pyramids, underground bases, jumproom, Total Recall, Minority Report, X-Men / Cerebro, Rifts in Time Part IX: Forbidden Planet, psychic conduit, LSD trips, zero-time, 2012 dimensional shift, Edgar Cayce readings, Chandler’s Wobble, pole shift, Library of Atlantis / Hall of Records, California earthquakes Part X: Create your own reality, 2012 not cataclysmic, Russian physics, Dr. Sergey Smelyakov / Auric Time Scale, Mayan Calendar, spiral imploding into 2012 changing consciousness, Ascended abilities, spiritual growth
    Update new video location:

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    David Wilcock-2012 The Enigma(Full Length)

    Just wanted to update the video on here as it seems to be missing:

    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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    Re: The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock

    You know I used to like David Wilcock right up until the point when I realized all this material is borrowed from somebody else, and he claims it as his own. This video still has some very good information in it. David Wilcock just comes off as very arrogant and I think that's what turns me off about him.
    Can you see past your belief systems?

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    Re: The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock

    I think David Wilcock has lost his way, it seems like he really likes the attention, and yes he comes off as extremely arrogant and that is the main reason why don't look at his material anymore.

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    Re: The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock

    I think David Wilcock actually enjoys the attention from people, and he does come off as a little arrogant. However that doesn't change the fact that his information is presented well and it is helping to mold and change people's consciousness. I for one like what David Wilcock is doing and I just think he may be having a difficult time dealing with the little th fame he has. Some people just don't handle fame very well and I think David Wilcock is one of them.
    Energy flows where attention goes...

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