Satanic Conspiracy In The Music Industry - Part Two

ThePopCulturePastor | November 13, 2009
I'm not trying to say that all of the artists in these two videos are sitting around drinking blood at the mason temple - (at least not all of them) - I'm trying to say that the music industry is controlled by satanists. People who understand symbolism are using it against the masses to condition them. There is no other explanation. Many of the artists are dupes or controlled.
Satan tempted Eve with hidden knowledge and he's been doing it to mankind ever since. The word occult means hidden knowledge - and let me tell you something - once you learn their secrets - you find out it was all a lie and rip off. That's why it was a secret in the first place. The Good News and truth is open to all who will look for it.
You can find the same symbolism in the movie posters, corporate logos, cars, banks and just about everything else in this wicked world. Open your eyes and see it all for what it is - turn your back on this world and all of its garbage and follow Jesus the King of Kings!
Source......YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.