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Thread: Lyssa Royal Holt - Before Mankind, What was really on Earth

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    Lyssa Royal Holt - Before Mankind, What was really on Earth

    That Woman could be providing useful information..
    Just jump to 2:45 minute of the video.

    Nevertheless check her out:
    Her name is: Lyssa Royal Holt
    Website: http://www.lyssaroyal.com/

    Part 5 Discovery channel often lies, or covers up the truth...Or fogets it all together, every once in awhile tho, they make up for it with videos like this.

    The face and pyramids on Mars are SO massive and detialed its impossible they are natural, The second pic or High Res of the face was Air brushed by NASA before they let it out. Dont be fooled, NASA lies more then a Rug

    Once again they bring in Lisa in this
    At least she dosnt say shes speaking with Greys

    The Pleiadians hmm
    they are talked ALOT about in the bible they are the Angels of light, Beautiful men and women that work for God and fight evil, defend man.
    Ancient man didnt know how to say they fly so he added wings to them to represent them flying.

    The Greys or Reptillian races are the Demons in the bible or Satan, They are the ones that tried to turn Jesus to their side... They tried and failed

    Jesus tried to tell us he wasn't human (Not to mention the UFO over his stable guiding the 3 wise men)
    "I am not of this world" He stated many times, especially after his death and resurrection.

    Our world at that time was falling apart, Jesus mission was to try and bring us back steer us stright. He did a good job till man got ahold of his message and twisted it and took over religion and used it to become rich and kill one another. Think about that

    When we were first modded from Ape like men to Human(Apeman as the clay - Alien DNA as the breath of God), We were used to Fight their battles and mine gold. (Later and now the Grey's would use us to reproduce tho other races have also done that).

    Lust for Gold being woven in our DNA as important part of the reason its been made into money and used to control the world. Alien life used gold for electronic equipment and parts to run current thru.
    Scientist would have you believe ancient man like gold because it was shiny! haha wow... Then we would also like all shiny objects even he harmful ones why pick only gold?
    Also our "Gods" lust for gold made kings and queens and pharohs wear gold to mimic our "Gods" and we wear it to mimic our kings and queens, its a chain

    Lets get back to the topic tho, After awhile other races came along, races like the Pleiadians and Terrans and were not to happy with what the Reptillian - Devil races were doing to us.
    A massive war was fought and the Reptillians-Devil were defeated by the Angels-Pleiadians or main strike force of True God
    They were pushed into hell - Center of Earth and forced to leave us alone for a time.
    Like after WW2 when the UN gave the Jews Israel to make up for what they went thru - not that they deserve it, it was ment for EVERYONE!
    The Pleiadians gave us Eden and fixed our DNA to a extent, to make up for what was done to us.

    Now for the bad part..The sneaky Reptillians entered the Garden and tricked Eve to leave and Adam Followed her thrus turning our back on God and the Pleiadians. They were so mad that so many of them had died only for us to betray them that they wiped their hands of us, Not forever but just till we as a race understood what we had done.
    We left the garden and ever since then nothing has been the same, Many times they have helped us or tried to most recently in the 50s-60s when the Greys made contact with the USA Government, A messenger race of bluish Aliens (That look like Gods Of India) came to warn us and get ride of the Grey's, Our great government however told them unless we get tech. out of it we are not intrested. thrus turning our back on God yet again - So everything that happens we now deserve because we let greedy maggots/monsters run us.
    The race of benevolent aliens told us that we are not even ready for the tech. we have now (look at what we use it for) so why would they give us possible weapons we could use on them.

    The Greys however tricked us, gave us less then half of what they promised and broke their side of the contract by abducting MILLIONS of us.
    Since the goverment could do nothing they let it go on unchecked.
    Now the government is controlled by them so unless we do something SOON all is lost
    People like Rockerfeller and Rothschild sold us out and William Cooper died to tell us this!
    I might be next at the rate Im going, enjoy my company while you can.

    The finally battle is about to start, Turn to true leaders like me to face this threat.

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    Probationary UHF Member murderrdoll's Avatar
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    Re: Lyssa Royal Holt - Before Mankind, What was really on Earth

    i believe in this so much :0
    what i want to know is what the bible is really tellling us o.o

    jus reading this made me want to cry cus im so happy that the truth is opened up to me..

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    Re: Lyssa Royal Holt - Before Mankind, What was really on Earth

    She has a very interesting message, the age of secrets is ending and the age of truth to here right now. The only thing that is important is truth and love!!
    Can you see past your belief systems?

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    Re: Lyssa Royal Holt - Before Mankind, What was really on Earth

    The thing about truth is it relative to the observer. Your truth and my truth may or may not be the same thing...
    This is easy to see when you have a large group of people observe a situation, they will all tell you a different story, similar to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John from the bible, same story different relative point of view.

    However there a certain fundamental truths that can not change....love and fear....
    Take your blinders off...

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    Probationary UHF Member murderrdoll's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
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    Re: Lyssa Royal Holt - Before Mankind, What was really on Earth

    ive been researching on this fer bowt two days now..
    im clear of what the reptillians are doing to us and this world!!!
    it scares me and makes me want to cry.. but i am strong!!!!
    i have faith and love..

    please tell me more abowt this subjecttt

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