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Thread: Reusable Shopping Bags

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    Reusable Shopping Bags

    Its a great way to think about planet earth and cure our surroundings and toxic environment and to avoid polluting the planet. The best thing with them is that there is only a little concentration of lead in them.

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    Re: Reusable Shopping Bags

    Actually a report came out in December that says there is danger in using the reusable bags and it's normally from the designs that are put on them. If you have a basic, undecorated bag, you're fine, but the others do have lead and can be dangerous.

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    Re: Reusable Shopping Bags

    There are a wide range of cloth shopping bags available that he no print at all. Many are available with unbleached cloth and no dyes, so there is nothing at all to hurt the environment.

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    Re: Reusable Shopping Bags

    Every little bit counts and will come back to you.

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