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Kerry Cassidy latest 2hr Blog Talk radio show:

Though some may consider her a 'Modern Pioneer' in her own right, Kerry Cassidy, Co-Founder of Project Camelot and it's subsidiary projects - Project Light Warrior and Whistleblower Radio, amongst others - is an astute, awake and extremely aware individual who felt her calling and followed it in leaps and bounds. Kerry has traveled widely meeting and interviewing truth-tellers all over the globe in a selfless effort to provide enlightening testimony about the true nature of our world - and often due to the security clearance level of the information she receives - far beyond even that of Presidents - she has done so at the risk to her own life. Kerry has helped to re-ignite the spark for truth and transparency, following, in more ways than we might realise, the very large footsteps of some great truth movement leaders whose tireless passion for rights and freedom have allowed us to express ourselves more openly today than in the past. Kerry is truly now considered one of those, amongst many other equals, who continue to keep the 'whistleblowing', 'consciousness raising' and 'truth seeking' movement alive as we quickly approach the lead-in to 2012. Currently working on many side projects, piecing together puzzles from an infinite number of different angles through various sources, Kerry joins us at Universal Truth Evolution to give us a little personal insight into her research, news and events, and other important information that she believes we should look into for our own spiritual enlightenment. Use this link as a doorway into the many directions truth seeking can lead you, and then expand outwards from there: Welcome to Project Camelot Portal
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