On Wednesday Jan.12, I was participating in a meeting between the Plaintiffs and their Lawyer for Civil Case (Resolution H-053-210) The plaintiffs in the case were attending a peacefully assembled meeting with their attorney via speaker phone when the Hopi Rangers forcibly removed several people including myself from the village office.

According to the Chief Ranger, they were given their directions from the Tribal Council and the Tribes Legal Counsel. How disheartening that this atrocity occurred between the Tribal Government and its people.

It is incomprehensible that something like this can happen in the United States. There was no search warrant, eviction notice or criminal activity. It was a group that has met in the building before, having a Lawyer / Client discussion.

Even more amazing, the Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement officers were present and witnessed everything but never intervened. These Traditional Hopi have no recourse and are being bullied for being true to their heritage.

After the events of today, it appears the only way to move forward is through legal channels and the court systems.

I plead with you to not let this aggressive behavior continue. By making a financial contribution, these individuals will be able to fight this in the courts versus a civil conflict with no peaceful ending.