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Thread: Moment of Silence in Illinios Schools.

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    Moment of Silence in Illinios Schools.

    What a great Idea, now 11 states have a mondatory 1 minute of silence! There are the athesists who are protesting that is not right because it promotes prayer in school. Well to that I say screw you, It doesn't promote anything except to stop and be quiet for a moment, there is no request for the students to pray or to do anything except be quiet for a moment. The student can think about what ever they want, whether it be lost love ones, how to pass a test later on, what they are going to do after school, honor a fallen hero, or even pray if they want to in silence. I think children need to be quiet once in a while and it is a good thing. In todays world there is always a fast paced something going on and children's brains are attacked from all sides, with TV, radio, cell phones, computers and just the fast pace of everything around them. It is a good thing to set for a moment in silence and catch their breath. So to all you athesists, muslims, budists, or human rights activists "SHUT UP"...for a moment..

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    Re: Moment of Silence in Illinios Schools.

    Very well said, I think that this is a great thing also, I hope more states do it because why shouldn't we have it? Like you said they can think of anything they want and i really like your last sentence ;] I second that!

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    Re: Moment of Silence in Illinios Schools.

    Having worked in the schools for a few years now, a moment of silence would be refreshing and hard to come by. No one is telling these kids what to do during the moment of silence - it's not like, take a moment to be silent and remember... or to think about... or to be thankful for... - it's just to be quiet. Next thing you know they'll be opposing Thanksgiving, because, who are we thanking?

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