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Thread: Gender and Face?

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    Gender and Face?

    Do you think gender is written over one's face? Do you think we can find gender of a person by just seeing his face?

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    Re: Gender and Face?

    Doubt it, there was a girl I knew with an androgynous appearance that I could've sworn on my life was a guy. Bit of a surprise when I found out he was a she.

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    Re: Gender and Face?

    Some people have definite masculine or feminine faces, especially when combined with their hair style. Other people I can't tell one way or the other, even by looking at their entire (clothed) body.

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    Re: Gender and Face?

    I don't think so either. I know alot of guys that would make pretty girls and have been mistaken for a girl and I know girls that you would swear they were boys.

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