Deputy for Research and Training Organization environment research project from the beginning, "Harp" as one of the newest and most advanced technologies by researchers world countries and said: With this technology, using a short wave radio can fit above the clouds somewhere , fertilization clouds and drought reduce and eliminate air rest will be madeThe great revolution in the field projects and climate change are created.

Doctor Mohammed Yazdi in dialogue with Khorasan, referring to the details and objectives of the project emphasized: "One of the Harp-secret projects in countries like the U.S. and Russia possess the technology and using ultra short waves can ionosphere layer atmosphere leading to the stimulation to produce rain.

He explained the nature of this technology, said: "Harp" is a technology based on radio waves, ultra powerful and ultra-short waves has been established and published that reflect the same level in the ionosphere, or upper atmosphere, causing an ionic field or ion is the wave, electromagnetic waves in such circumstances once submitted will be returned to Earth.

The waves of thermal energy and magnetic energy have.
Thus the energy it can be concentrated in a certain point so that they focus the energy in a certain point can cause various effects including the possibility it could be somewhere where clouds, where the where the air and destroy the air stagnation noted.

He added: "Technology" Harp "are of course other applications for example in the study of continental underground mining or oil and gas resources discovered in the basement of this technology can also be used.. It is also said that we can focus this energy to stimulate the earth faults and even cause earthquakes used. As far as Haiti is called the earthquake the American test result and a way of testing this technology leading to the earthquake is Haiti. In fact, the occurrence of many specific phenomena, including Pakistan floods, earthquakes and even Haiti Hurricane Katrina with this technology experiment in the U.S. is related.

Considering the benefits that this technology and can lead to loss or destruction of drought and air stagnation is realized so that its use of different directions is necessary. ا He read the secret of this research project naming system that centers on the implementation of cooperation projects within the country have refused, and added: "This project supported by the environment that has been the implementation of the various devices involved and the funds for it is considered

He added: hope in the future using this technology but in a way different from the special projects aimed at environmental applications run put.

Yazdi doctor stating that the basis of this technology, some are rejected and it is considered a kind Fzasazy media arrogance that countries considered to scare other countries have emphasized: the effects of this technology is fully proven scientific terms and examples effects achieved by this technology in Russia and the U.S. have been reported and now this technology with very high costs in certain countries, it centers and some military targets is ongoing.
ا But the important thing is that the implementation of this important project has started functioning in the future can benefit from the results that we enjoy.

Although the technology believe that the harp that has a bilateral effect for our country that has a dry climate is necessary and it can be used to fertilize the clouds or flowing air and eliminate the use of air stagnation and the large cities such as Tehran pollution is causing focus of this technology can be used.
ا. In fact, having this technology can be moved to the clouds, precipitation increased, the air moved and the wind caused the so-called research on all these issues started.
اين The great revolution in the field projects and climate change are created.

iTذ is worth mentioning that according to current definitions, Harp (HAARP) is a research project to study and research on the ionosphere layer using radio waves has been established. Ionosphere layer is located in the highest layers of the atmosphere.
This layer dangerous ultraviolet radiation and X and absorb the sun like the ceiling of the entrance to prevent the earth.

Also due to the electrical environment in this layer of the ionosphere to reflect radio waves around the earth is used..
Harp system is designed to be a direct effect on the ionosphere. The system is now a set of special antennas (180 Aluminum Tower height 23 and 50 meters) wide on the ground and formed an area 23 thousand square meters have been installed in Alaska.
The superior short-wave antennas ELF / ULF / VLF produce and ionosphere are thrown. Basically wave antennas to hit the ionosphere and return to Earth not only able to go deep sea, but also go beyond into the depths of the earth and they act like that today Radyvtrmvgrafy Zhyvlvzhyst for exploration of various reservoirs, including oil and gas use.
When a short wave Radyvtrmvgrafy is sent into the earth, are treated as different layers and layers to the quake brings the thrills and special sound frequency produced and will return to ground level and is Zhyvlvzhyst voice capable of returning to identify underground tanks.