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Thread: Bigger Not Better: Porn Star Dies After Breast Enlargement

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    Bigger Not Better: Porn Star Dies After Breast Enlargement

    A German porn star went into a coma and died after undergoing her sixth breast enlargement.

    Carolin Berger, who used the stage name "Cora" in adult films, underwent the cosmetic surgery in an attempt to boost her popularity, the Daily Mail reported today.

    The 23-year-old blond beauty was in a medically induced coma for nine days before dying Thursday from complications following a surgery to increase her chest size from 34F to 34G.

    Sonja Calvert / dpa / Corbis
    Carolin Berger, a 23-year-old German adult film star who went by the name "Cora," died following her sixth breast enlargement surgery. The starlet, photographed here while on the 10th season of "Big Brother," died Thursday.Berger had become well known to the public after appearing last year on the German version of the reality show "Big Brother," according to the BBC. Over several episodes her behavior became more wild, including one episode in which she stripped topless and flirted with another cast member.

    Reports indicate she suffered two heart attacks after going under the knife for the cosmetic surgery in a Hamburg clinic. Her family was told she went without oxygen for 15 minutes during the procedure.

    Fans started a memorial page to the tattoo-covered starlet on Facebook, and it had attracted more than 4,700 members by this afternoon.

    "Only the good die young," Thurston Fuchs, a Canadian living in Germany, wrote on the tribute page. "R.I.P. Cora."

    The surgeon and anesthesiologist who led the operation on Bergen are under investigation by local prosecutors, according to reports.

    Her quest for fame and glory in skin flicks caused medical problems for her in 2009. Bergen was rushed to the hospital with breathing difficulties after attempting to set a world record for consecutive sex acts, the Sun reported then.

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    Re: Bigger Not Better: Porn Star Dies After Breast Enlargement

    Not much of a loss to the Jewish-dominated porn industry.

    In 2006 – Michael Lucas 37 (born as Andrei Bregman in Moscow), a Jewish-American porn actor for the last 11 years, while on visit to entertain the Israel Occupation Force (IOF), was quoted: “I will expose the reality that the people of Israel face right now, especially the gay Israelis, who are targeted by the hate of Hezbollah.” Some readers may consider it Lucas’ ignorance of the true story behind the Israeli-Hizbollah conflict – but for the Israeli Habara (propaganda) thugs – it was considered a good public relation (PR) piece. The Israelis do pride themselves for calling Tel Aviv (home to over 280 brothels) – as The Pink City......

    Israel’s Pornographic Stimulus Plan | Rehmat's World

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