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Thread: Unknowingly Hypnotizing

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    Unknowingly Hypnotizing

    People can cause mass hypnotism from the simple thing of placement of lights, the type of lights they use and the structure of a building. The thing is the person who builds the structure or is the leader was raised up with these same setups and have no idea why they are done the way they are. They just know for example a church is suppose to built a certain way with a steeple.

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    Re: Unknowingly Hypnotizing

    What kind of hypnotizing would this cause? Would this make a person more susceptible to somebody speaking at a church, for instance? I mean, would they be more likely to believe something rather if they weren't under hypnosis?

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    Re: Unknowingly Hypnotizing

    I want to ask about hypnotize. I do not know its uses and benefits. Tell me how we hypnotize a person and further what we can? I hear some people sit in lonely room and focus their mind and eyes at something. Is it true? Hope you will solve my confusion about this matter.

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