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Thread: No explanation

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    No explanation

    My sister bought a home and got a really good deal on it because someone had been murdered there 4 years ago, and it just would not sell. I stay there from time to time and the strangest things happen. For example, lights go on and off and on randomly, we tried to track down an electrical fault with no luck. Even creepier is that it is not just the house. The interior lights of any car parked in the driveway somehow get turned on. This has gone way beyond pranks and I am starting to wonder if it really is the ghost of the man who was murdered there.

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    Re: No explanation

    Have you tried setting up cameras to watch when the lights are going on and off? Often cameras can see things that our eyes can't.

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    Re: No explanation

    It would be really interesting to film this and watch it back, I agree!

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