“In the safe haven of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Jews and Israel are remembered fondly, if increasingly vaguely,” Michael Rubin in ‘The Other Iraq’.

The regime-change protests in the Arab world have arrived to the most undesirable place – the Iraqi Kurdistan which is controlled by Washington-Tel Aviv through the secularist Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP). On Thursday, a peaceful demonstarion was held in Sulaymaniyah. Kurdistan Region’s President, Massoud Barzan’s government has deployed some 5,000 KDP military forces, trained by Israeli forces, on the streets of Sulaymaniyah over the past two days. So far four protesters have been killed and around 70 injured.

The main Opposition to KDP, the Goran (Change) Party lead by Nawshirwan Mustafa with 25 MPs in 111-seat parliament (two Islamic parties have 10 MPs) says their members have had no role in recent demonstrations. Although the party supports the right of people to protest, it says that it does not, in any way, condone violence used by protesters over the past three days.

One of the protesters killed, Sane Zhale, is claimed by Israeli Hasbara websites – to be an Iranian Kurd who was member of Iranian Basij and Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah.

In the current 325-seat Iraqi Parliament – Kurdish alliance has 43 seats while Kurd Islamic groups have 6 seats. Eight seats are reserved for Christians and seven seats for other non-Muslim minorities. The Iraqi President Jalal Talabani is president of PUK Kurdish party.

Pro-Israeli Jews have strong-grip over KDP. Several of US Zionist Jewish leaders, such as Richard Perle and Michael Rubin, run campaign for the break-up of Iraq into Arab and Kurdish states (like Sudan) though the Israeli think tank, American Enterprise Institute . Another group, ‘Washington Kurdish Institute’ is run by Mike Amitay, son former director of Israel Lobby (AIPAC) and chairman JINSA, Morris Amitay. Morris is also the founder of AEI and a member of ‘Coalition for Democracy in Iran (CDI)’. Morris is a Ziofacists like Daniel Pipes and former Homeland Security Secretary, who believe that radical Islamists (Islamofascism) wants to establish a Caliphate across the entire planet. In his April 20, 2007 column, the paranoid Zionazi Jew wrote: “The bellicose statements of Iran’s leaders calling for the annihilation of Israel, their national slogan of ‘death to America,’ and the calls for even more ‘martyrs’ make perfectly clear their future intentions. Fueling this bitter enmity toward Western civilization is a fundamentalist religious belief that inevitably a caliphate will be established to rule over the entire world”.

Salah al-Kharsan, an Iraqi researcher and author of Political Movements in Iraq Kurdistan, wrote that Israeli Mossad played a major part in the creation of Kurdish Intelligence Service (Paristan) and indicated that the head of Paristan Massoud al-Barzani underwent an extensive training in Israel and Kurdistan. According to Obaidullah al-Barzani, son of Mullah Barzani – “Israelis were permanently accompany my father, were always calling Israel by a wireless device and performed espionage work in Iraq”. The relation between European Zionist Jewish leaders and Mullah Mustapha al-Barzani family goes back to the 1030s when Ruvin Shiloh, a delegate of the Jewish Agency, travelled to the Kurdish mountains and established relations with the family.

Today, the Kurdish Jewish population in Israel is over 150,000 (from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey – with largest 50,000 from Iraq), with the largest concentration in and around Jerusalem.

Hamma Mirwaisi, a US-Kurd author and writer, wrote at Kurd Net on December 18, 2010: “Thanks to the US Governments and Israeli support, Massoud Barzani is second Saddam Hussein to be deal with in Kurdistan now. Too much for the US and EU protections of Kurdish people!!!!.”

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