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Thread: Staying closer to home

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    Staying closer to home

    With all of the unrest in the world, does anyone else find you are traveling closer to home these days? I already had my time overseas years ago and I'm happy I did because I don't see myself going back any time soon. No matter what is going on, there is always a risk when traveling, but things are just a little too chaotic for my blood right now.

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    Re: Staying closer to home

    I'm only traveling closer to home due to economic necessity. "Abroad" is a big area and there are plenty of places to go see that are still safe. I personally wouldn't be going to the Middle East anytime soon though.

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    Re: Staying closer to home

    I have not had the financial ability to travel very far from home, let alone overseas. However, if the opportunity presented itself I would not turn it down. I have a friend who has been abroad in the Middle East as an English teacher for years and has had no problems.

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    Re: Staying closer to home

    I'm more afraid of the TSA and travel issues at home than I am about issues abroad. I've never yet travelled to the worst areas, and though I hope to at some point in the future, I prefer to keep safe for now.

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    Re: Staying closer to home

    I am traveling closer to the home due to financial problems i want to travel all over the world specially European countries because travel is my passion and i want to see the whole world.

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