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Thread: Who gets better health care

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    Who gets better health care

    I got in a debate with a friend and wanted to see what others through. Who do you think gets better quality heath care, people on medicaid or people who have their own insurance through an employer, or do they get the same treatment?

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    Re: Who gets better health care

    I can only speak of the differences between insurance plans. I once had a fairly mediocre plan. Treatment was rubbish.

    Changed employer-all of a sudden I was being seen within hours or days for a specialist. Massive difference.

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    Re: Who gets better health care

    Wow, so I suppose it all depends on who your insurance company is. Health is so important, I think it is probably a good idea to stay away from companies that are total rubbish. They do not deserve our money.

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    Re: Who gets better health care

    I am on a county run health plan and when I can get in to the doctor I get decent care. The problem comes when I need a special test or have to go to the emergency room as that is not covered. I think it does all depend on the insurance company.

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    Re: Who gets better health care

    I have had both Medicaid and insurance through my husband's company and in this little hick town I live in I don't think they care one way or the other. I believe there are some doctors that are slow and don't listen and then there are doctors that care but get bombarded with patients. I see a nurse practitioner for everything usually, I went to school with him but he has always been a very caring person. It is difficult to get an appointment with him and when you do it takes a while to be seen but it is worth it because he really listens.

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    Re: Who gets better health care

    I think it's pretty shocking really that the care you get differs so much depending on what you can pay. Health care shouldn't be a business, it should be a right.

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    Re: Who gets better health care

    As someone from the UK i should say we do due to the NHS, but since all the politcal parties have tried to destroy it over the last 25 years, I might have to say Germany (as i lived there for over 6 years). They take a certtain amount out of your wage for health insurance and you get lots of benefits as well in terms of physiotherapy etc. i din't like the health service in New Zealand as you had to pay 40 bucks just for the priviallage to see a doctor....

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