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Scott (aka ThankYouWhiteKnights) and Bart say they are going to ask Sheldan some questions you have more than likely never heard asked before.

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Join us while we myself Scott (aka ThankYouWhiteKnights) and Bart ask Sheldan Nidle some questions you have more than likely never heard asked before. As I have listened and shared ALL interviews I have found on Sheldan. You can find links to these on my blog linked in the middle of my Blog Talk Radio home page. When in my blog look at the top under KEY INFO for a 170 youtube video playlist and an archive of 33 mp3 shows not yet on youtube. Also find all the new shows not in either in my Sheldan Nidle labeled blogs. We will be asking Sheldan about the early March UFOs in Kazakstan, Russia that turned a Missile into what looks like a love heart and a torch. And the Jerusalem Dome of the rock UFO last month (find both and much more in my youtubes favorites and my UFOs playlist). How does consciousness in 3d duality related to our Earths dual polar magnetic fields and what will happen with the upcoming shift in progress right now to a 5d mono-polar unity consciousness. What is this crystalline DNA you say we will be getting? How does the Law of Attraction work. What is your Free Energy aka Zero Point Energy experience and knowledge. And any others you can email me at quoting Sheldan Nidle Question in the subject line. I will also share how I have been joining the dots between what Sheldan Nidle has been saying from long ago via my numerous reports since 2008 in my youtube channel and blog (both linked in the middle of the Blog Talk Radio home page).

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