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Thread: How much would it cost to time travel?

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    How much would it cost to time travel?

    If a company had a time travel machine, how much do you think they would charge their employees to use it if it was to go to a business conference?I'm doing a project for my class and I need to plan a trip to a business conference. Unfortunately, the conference is almost over. I figured I'd just say the company had a time machine and I need to put how much using it will cost.

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    How much would it cost to time travel?

    Even if you could travel back to the future, you can't change anything. And I guess that it would be free for the first user, and if that user actually come back, then I guess 500.

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    How much would it cost to time travel?

    well actually if you go 88 mph you will go back in time, for free

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    How much would it cost to time travel?

    I would go back in time to not hire you for missing the business conference.

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    How much would it cost to time travel?

    Why would a time machine go to a business conference?!?!

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