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Thread: Why does this new experiment in quantum mechanics prove time travel?

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    Why does this new experiment in quantum mechanics prove time travel?

    Who is Andrew Cleland? Has he published this result? What does he mean by, "..it was moving and not moving at the same time?" Why does that prove anything? Etc.

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    Why does this new experiment in quantum mechanics prove time travel?

    Andrew Cleland put the tuning fork in the vacuum plucked it and said it was moving and not moving at the same time, how does that prove it? And how would this prove that parallel universes and time travel is possible?

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    Why does this new experiment in quantum mechanics prove time travel?

    Andrew Cleland is a Santa Barbara physicist. And, yes, they published their results in Nature:http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v464/n7289/full/nature08967.htmlAnd I think John Martinis, along with the rest of the author list, should get some of the credit.There are a few things you are missing in your analysis of this work. First off, the ability to put a macroscopic object into a superposition has been the holy grail of large number of physicists over the last decade. A lot of groups got very close (and several more of them will probably accomplish this within the year). This group kind of came out of left field and accomplished what all these other groups had been trying to do for so long, but accomplished it in completely different system using totally different techniques. It was a real shock, since Martinis is known for completely different stuff (Josephson junction quantum computing research). But, anyways, these are the guys who first put a macroscopic object in a superposition (all though it was a high-order mode of the object).The object is not an actual tuning fork, it is more like a piezo-electric crystal. And the reason anyone cares about this is because superposition (the quantum state of doing two or more things at once, like vibrating and not vibrating) is something that is seen routinely seen in microscopic objects like atoms or electrons. But it is never seen in macroscopic objects. Which begs the question, does quantum mechanics break down for large objects? And if so, how big? And why? So people have been trying to put macroscopic objects into superpositions to test this. This experiment uses a macroscopic crystal that is macroscopic in the sense that it is barely big enough to be seen with the naked eye (but still very small). So it is really probing the size limit of quantum mechanics... if there is one.Now, does this prove time travel and parallel universes? Well, flat out, it has nothing to do with time travel and it proves nothing at all about parallel universes. You could make some hand-wavy argument about superposition and parallel universes, but that has always been the case and this adds nothing to that argument, which is still hand-wavy at best. Time travel is something else entirely.

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