David S. Cohen (a Zionist Jew), acting undersecretary for ‘terrorism and financial intelligence’, during his visit to Turkey, on April 24-28, had warned Turkey against conducting financial transactions with the Islamic Republic and asked Ankara to halt the operations of Bank Mellat, an Iranian state-run bank in the country. The Bank which is banned to operate in the US and EU, has three branches in Turkey.

Turkey had reported US$10 billion annual trade with the Islamic Republic in 2010 and Ankara expects it to reach US$30 billion by 2020.

India is also planning to use Turkey for its oil transactions with Iran since Germany stopped its bank Bundesbank from accepting money from India for Iranian oil payments under pressure from Washington and Tel Aviv. India had imported 21.2 million tons of crude oil from Iran in the year ending March 31, 2010, about 13% of its total crude imports.

David Cohen is following in the foot-steps of his Jewish boss, Stuart Levey, who is considered as the ‘father of crippling sanctions’ against the Islamic Republic. Former Iranian Finance Minister, Davoud Danesh Jafari, had described Levey’s strategy, as reported by Ron Kampeas in JTA, July 1, 2010. “They had assigned one of their Zionist deputies to halt the Iranian economy. This person would personally travel to many countries around the world. He would use incentives and encouragement to request cooperation against Iran, and if he failed to get any results he would use threats to pursue his goal“.

Cohen also visited France which has practically lost its market share in Iran after the US placed French firms under extreme financial pressure. Iran used to be France’s primary trade partner till 2004. Germany, on the other hand, in spite of its stated firmness on sanctions – maintained its high level of trade with Iran. With the Iranian market virtually cleared of competitors, now American companies like to cash on easy access to this market.

Despite the noise the EU usually make against Tehran – its members’ trade with Tehran have shown increase each year, reaching 24 billion euro in 2010.

US warns Turkey against trade with Iran | Rehmat's World