Values impair your judgment, or rather dictates it. Your values distort how you perceive and interact with the world around you.

Here is a little story based on actual cases I study @ university(I study human resources and work relations aka Industrial relations) in my Health and Security at Work course.

Bob works at X factory
He is payed in function of his volume of production, the more he produces, the bigger the pay
Bobs prism is like most of people, molded by our current culture wich inculcates certain values like materialism, individualism, money = happiness, no constructive self-criticism and whatnot

Bob works with an hydrolic press, making plastic molds.
One day, at the end of his shift(pretty tired and not focused by then since his work is so monotonous) and activates the press with the button while he's removing his hand from under the machine. Unfortunately his hand gets stuck in the press and he loses a finger or two(could have been potentially alot worst).

Bob gets disability leave and the employer is forced by law to improve security so it doesn't happen again. When Bob is rehabilitated, he then goes back to his previous position operation the press. The press is now safer and needs the use of two hands to operate. With one hand a key must be turned, and with the other hand a button must be pushed.

After a couple of weeks Bob realizes his paycheck is considerably thinner since he loses precious seconds with the new press, thus losing efficiency.

Bob then decides to block one of the commands so he can have his extra free hand again to grab a plastic sheet while at the same time pressing the button to lower the press like he used to do before.

This shows how Bob values his salary more than his own safety. Not considering that if he loses a hand next time, he won't be able to work at the press anymore.

The only way we can change this world is by allowing people to choose their own values and judge truth and falsehoods in an open market. That's why we need to find a way to allow people to think for themselves on a massive scale. Thus the importance of the information war. But how?

Without taking control back of the mass media by the people instead of the corporations, this is a hard task. That's why I propose the conception of a social contract that is build upon values we can mostly agree on.

What I would like to see is discussion of benevolent values wich could be the basis of a social contract. Although please try to stay on topic and offer constructive criticism. If you don't agree with something it's ok, but please explain on what value you base your opinion.

Edit : If you think a social contract is not needed or won't help then feel free to criticize in a constructive manner and propose alternatives if you can think of some!

Change through action