Guarding Dogs has a $20,000 film project, a powerful tool in the efforts to keep dogs alive and adopted. They are over $15,000 or three quarters of the way there already. Film can be a very powerful medium.

The campaign to fund the Guarding Dogs film ends July 21, 2011 at 4 pm. If there are sufficient funds raised by then, they will make a documentary about the life of dogs in shelters, and the important of adoption. To all dogs lovers, and people that have had dogs in their lives, this is a very worthwhile subject.

Many potential adopters do not consider that many dogs, especially older dogs, that do not get adopted or rescued end up being euthanized. There is a fixed and limited time limit for them. These dogs are competing against puppymill dogs that are breed and sold for profit. If you can help, visit Guarding Dogs. It is a film whose making is long overdue. The dog rescue organizations are predominately function on volunteers, and have very little funding. This is a very important tool for them, and you can make a huge difference.