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This Radio Show presented by THE FETCH The New World Order is in focus. From the early references in Plutarch to George Bush Sr. 9-11 statement, the history is traced and placed at the feet of Israeli Ultra-nationalists. A lively and entertaining show. Plutarch advanced the idea that there was (and remains) two opposing forces, one that is predominantly good - Osiris, and one that was inherently evil - Jehovah/Typhon/Seth. The names go through many different transpositions and literary examples, but the theme remains. As a part of cosmic balance, the planet goes through 3000 year cycles of beneficence and maleficence. One should never underestimate the power of an organized elite working for their own agenda, especially when this agenda is at odds with the welfare and benefit of the people of a Republic as the United States.

The whole idea of a "9-11" was a Kabballistic code. The two Gulf Wars and the recent war on Libya were all either launched or had major offensives launched on Purim, a strategic Jewish holiday. These are no accidents.

While the Republic's funds and pays interest or usury to a foreign private corporation, the Rothschild United States Federal Reserve Bank, for the privilege of this bank "printing" the money for the Republic, the agents of this same bank are busy organizing for the defense of a Noahidist rise to power.

What is at stake behind all the spook, slander, and silence, is a long term agenda to create an openly American Jewish Theocratic state, or - to turn America into Israel in form and function. This has been essentially accomplished at many levels. Americans are now herded like Palestinians into having their very dignity assaulted for the "privilege" of boarding an air plane - as if the days of the horse and buggy still exist and that somehow, a trip from Los Angeles to Washington DC via the air space of the United States is a "privilege".

Questioning the authority of the state may result in even the "privilege" of flying literally revoked by some unseen apparatchik.

So much of what is America has been lost due to the event of 9-11, an event that could only have been accomplished through instruments of state - and these instruments are clearly and largely under the control of dual citizens loyal to Israel.

Israel is but a Jewish theocracy, the type of government warned and specifically guarded against through the idea of a separation of church and state.

Many of these issues are packed into a 2 hour show at Inside the Eye - Live!

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