St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary
and the Galactic Federation of Light
Received by Malika September 9, 2011
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In preparation for mass decloakings, we wish to teach you how to interact with us. The initial contact has been made.

Love, respect and humility. Emptying the mind of all judgments, emotions and negative constructs. When you are formally introduced to a Galactic Federation member it is important to remember why they are here. They are here to assist us in the ascension process and to learn how to be good stewards of Mother Earth. All beings wish to be loved and respected, no matter how evolved. The Law of Giving and Receiving applies while interacting in physicality.

It must be noted that all beings throughout existence are in a constant state of evolution, regardless of how enlightened or evolved. This means that no one being is absolutely perfect in every area. Most Ascended Masters have one or two things left to heal. It is wise to alwaystrust one’s true discernment when meeting anyone, whether on-planet or off-planet. Everyone deserves love, respect and honor for their accomplishments. This cannot be overstated. The dark has conditioned the cosmos to either idolize a Master or throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak. It is our divine blueprint and heritage to be loved. All those in the cosmos will be loved.

We wish to explain the differences between our states of consciousness and humanity’s at this juncture. Evolution is separate from the frequency of a civilization. All those that serve in varying capacities are in their roles due to their expertise in that area. Some are more spiritually evolved than others. The Ascended Masters both incarnate into physicality and remain in non-physicality based on where they are needed. That means that all galactic civilizations comprise the entire gammit of evolved souls from unevolved to highly evolved. The Galactic Federation has some unevolved souls who desire to serve. Most, however, are evolved enough to assist with the ascension of Mother Earth and her kingdoms. The members that will be interacting with humanity are evolved enough to assist humanity in its ascension process but they are not perfect as no one being is perfect throughout existence.

  • We would like to give you a list of steps for interacting with members of the Galactic Federation.
  • First, greet them with love, respect, humility and a mind clear of negative constructs.
  • Remember why they are here. They are here to protect and assist with the ascension into 5D reality and beyond.
  • With respect, ask your questions, and engage you requests and conversations.
  • When both parties are complete, ask how you may bless the Galactic Federation member, and listen. This is the Law of Giving and Receiving. Bless them.
  • You may first wish to invoke the Light of Protection before speaking with us. When the blessing has been completed, wait for the circle of protection and energy of the meeting to withdraw. This is complete.

We wish to close by saying that we are very close to mass decloakings. The end is near. We honor your world for transcending duality consciousness for the entire cosmos. We look forward to welcoming Mother Earth and all her kingdoms into their new ambassadorship roles and interacting with all of you freely on your surface world and beyond. Every attainment and positive accomplishment on earth at this time of darkness is cosmicly powerful indeed. Mastery through the darkness and density of your world is considered cosmic mastery which is why the dark is trying so hard to prevent it. We encourage you to hold fast in your endeavors of mastery no matter what. Use the Light of Protection along with your intention of achieving your goals and you will not fail. Remember that everything is energy and is dynamic. Things are not as they appear or seem on the outside. Please listen to your heart’s and soul’s whispers and you will soar as the eagle. We are one prayer away and offer our protection and assistance wherever needed and asked.

It is done.