A chart with all the Alien Races. As far as i know I depict them here with their origin Star. I hope other members can help me to improve and to complete this attempt.

Vega-Lyrians (now unpopulated, another Galaxy or Milky Way?, "Garden Eden of the Humanoid Race")

Solarians (Milky Way)

Solarians (Ozarks-Arkansas) (Milky Way)

Aldebarans (Milky Way)

Orion-Betelgeuzes (Milky Way)

Siriusians (Milky Way)

Vegans (similar to Indians) (Lemurians) (Milky Way)

Taygeta-Plejaren (Milky Way)

Hyadians (Milky Way)

Wolf 424ers (Milky Way)



Korendrians (Milky Way)

Antareans (Milky Way?)

Cygnus Alpheans (Milky Way)

Cassiopeians (Milky Way)

Tau Cetians (Milky Way)

Alpha Centaurians (Milky Way)

Arcturians (Milky Way)

Andromedans (another Galaxy, Ghost-Light-Angel-like)

Zeta Reticulians (Bernard's Star) (Oranges) (Milky Way)


Zeta Reticulians (Milky Way)

Orion-Greys (Milky Way)

Bellatraxians ?

Orion-Rigelans (Milky Way)

Alpha Draconians (another Galaxy, yes i make fun of them - please don't bash me, it's just that I personally cannot believe in them)

Epsilon Boötians (Milky Way)

Orion-Bellatrixians (Milky Way)

Polarians (Milky Way)

Altairians (Milky Way)

Siriuseans (Milky Way)

Capelleans (Milky Way)



Annunaki on Nibiriu (Nemesis) (Milky Way, Solarians)

Unfortunately I couldn't identify every star-system to a certain galaxy, I hope you can help me.