"he Imma Be / Rock that Body video begins with all of the BEPs sitting in an office, talking and working on ideas. The main guy, Will.I.Am, is sitting at his computer looking at images of robots. You can also see the speaker cone sound cannon laying on the table, which foreshadows the events in the “fantasy” part of the story to come – showing you that this object from the “fantasy” part of the story actually exists in the (false) “real” story. And, because you will find out later that all of what is yet to happen is depicted as being just Fergie’s dream, this is part of the false metacommunication that is being used not only to give you a hint about the fact that the entire video is just a story, but also to deny the true deceptive message that is contained in the “dream” segment of the story.

It is a scene within the fictional “real life” part of the video letting you know that the whole video/story is fictional. A deception within a deception – an object from the “dream” part of the story somehow exists in this false “real life” part of the story – which is a) using the story to call attention to itself, and b) to further the deception about what the message of this story actually is.

Will.I.Am tells everyone he has something cool to show them, and he busts out one of those high-tech aluminum CIA type briefcases and opens it up. The other Peas ask what it is, and he tells them that it is a machine with artificial intelligence (AI) that will sample your voice and allow you to just type in the lyrics and it will “do all the singing, talking, rapping”. He says that it is the future and it is what will take the Peas into 3008…which is kind of funny, and very optimistic as far as being able to live that long without some kind of radical technology that could keep you alive for 120+ years. We’ll get to that part later.

This false “reality” scene continues with another BEP asking Will if this means that he won’t actually be rapping in the studio anymore, and Will explains that, no, he won’t be doing the rapping because the machine will do it all, which Will thinks is very cool.

Then Fergie gets really mad and puts on a big drama queen display. She says “it will take the soul out of it” and “it’s not real”, and finally she says, “We’re not robots!”, and leaves the room pissed off. This is another layer of the false metacommunication that is using the false “real life” part of the story to deny the true message that is about to begin in the “dream” part of the story. So then, Fergie goes outside and jumps on her awesome crotch rocket motorcycle, and takes off down the road. But she doesn’t get very far, because in her anger, she rides straight into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Not good."

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