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Thread: The Heavens Are Full Of Planets - We Just Can't See Them With Our Current Perceptions (OBE)

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    The Heavens Are Full Of Planets - We Just Can't See Them With Our Current Perceptions (OBE)

    Because this took place during a sleep period, even though I would classify it as out-of-body, I am putting it under the dream section.

    A few months ago, I went on a trip to another frequency, out of body, but here on earth in the usual places. What I saw was amazing, to say the least.

    There were planets, so close they were clearer than the moon. They were magnificent. So many of them, in our space, so close, yet we cannot see them within our current perceptions. The frequencies that are being blocked from us, I believe are necessary for us to live more peacefully on our planet.

    If people could see what is really there, they would be in awe. It would create mass amazement and silence the wars against each other for it is so beautiful out there.

    Just looking at the night/evening sky while at this level, with those perceptions open and available, I cannot describe in enough detail to make mankind understand what I saw that night.
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    Re: The Heavens Are Full Of Planets - We Just Can't See Them With Our Current Perceptions (OBE)

    I wonder if you are seeing multiple frequencies overlaping? Or possibly another dimension? Either way it's fascinating to ponder the possibilities say the least.
    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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