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Thread: Hi, I would like to be healed please!

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    Hi, I would like to be healed please!

    Recently, I feel low in energy, low in self-esteem, depressed, and unhappy. I am worried about my money, future, work, and life. I feel useless; I can’t see a good future ahead of me.

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    Re: Hi, I would like to be healed please!

    Well, to first start your healing, I must assure you that you ARE useful in this world, no matter what you may currently be thinking and feeling. You are not the only one experiencing this right now. I believe you are feeling massive energies that are surrounding everyone at this time. No need to worry.

    I will infuse you with some energy to help to get your energies back up. You need only believe that you ARE and SHOULD BE. Nothing else matters but YOU at this time. Once your energies are back up, we will work more from there. This shouldn't take long as long as you believe.

    Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, because nothing IS as it seems.

    Lady of Light
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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