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Thread: Travel Tips

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    Travel Tips

    Following tips must be adopt by every tourists.
    Plan trip according to budgets,
    Draft complete plan at a piece of paper, Get all the important information where you are arrived.
    Exercise hotel safety,
    Arrive during the day,
    Keep your documents safe,
    Dress appropriately.

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    Re: Travel Tips


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    Re: Travel Tips

    Very best information for me specially.As I might need these tips in near future because we are planing for a tour there.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Travel Tips

    Exercise hotel safety,
    Arrive during the day,
    Keep your documents safe,
    Dress appropriately.

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    Re: Travel Tips

    Travelling in many countries is a beautiful experience for tourists. Whenever a trip goes the tourists apply some tips for their safety. They should keep everything that used during journey. Keep medicines and food also. You should be aware of routs where you reach. Hope you like it.

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    Re: Travel Tips

    For a successful trip following tips are very useful ;
    1- Pick the right suitcase
    2- Pile it on
    3- Roll your clothes
    4- Don't buy what you can borrow
    5- Save samples
    6- Leave room for return items
    7- Wear your heaviest clothes while traveling

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    Re: Travel Tips

    What I have learned about travelling.

    Take half the clothes and twice the money. <g> Linda

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