This is just sick!!

By Ree Hines, TODAY contributor
"Don't forget to smoke!" It's not exactly a phrase one expects to hear at any beauty pageant -- especially one in which some of the contestants aren't even old enough for kindergarten yet. But that's just what one mom encouraged her 4-year-old to do as the little one took the stage on Wednesday night's "Toddlers & Tiaras."

Destiny had hoped to wow the judges with her costume -- she was dressed in Sandy's "bad girl" getup from "Grease" -- but the wow-factor had nothing to do with what she had on.

"Destiny has a cigarette!" a judge exclaimed. "What is (her mom, Lisa) thinking?!"

Lisa was likely thinking it was just another way to get extra attention for her so-called "feisty little diva," but no one seemed amused by the sight of a tot puffing on a fake cigarette.

While fans of the show voiced their outrage about the incident online, it's doubtful that the negative reaction did much to change Lisa's take on it. After all, she's very invested in Destiny's pageant life.

"I think I like pageants so well, because when I was younger, growing up, I didn't get to do anything like that," Lisa explained earlier in the episode. "So I think I'm living my dreams through my little girl."

As for Destiny, she confessed she likes pageants "because (her) mom says so."

In the end, the tyke's inappropriate stage prop didn't do much to hurt her chances in the competition. Sure, the judges shaved off a few points for pretending to smoke on the stage, but Destiny still won Personality Supreme -- a title she's nabbed at least once before at the World Chicken Festival, if her engraved trophy collection is anything to go by.