Urgent Warning! The Next 24 Hours! "Project Thor" Is At Hand! | Earthquakes

I do remember when this happened convenient that they had a drill going on at the same time. Lucky, for them the Presidents daughters were there. It could've been worse, I suppose. Hope all of you in the states participating stay safe.

Now, how does this tie into tomorrows earthquake drills across America? For those who haven’t yet heard, elements from deep within our own govt now have the necessary tools to create earthquakes. Whether being the now famous HAARP or the less famous “Rods From God”, our govt, as well as the governments of our enemies (watch the video below!) now have the power to play God, and quite literally I’m afraid. Why couldn’t these people to whom we’ve entrusted our greatest levels of power be “Gods” of a benevolent nature, rather the kinds of ‘devils’ they choose to be? What are ‘Rods from God’ and how do they tie into this?