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Thread: Who wants to contact a telepathy?

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    Who wants to contact a telepathy?

    When I was browsing, I found an interesting comment by user “reda”:

    “i"m telepath and i have many concluente experiment with a good concentration you can hear my thoughts and i can hear your thoughts so we can discuss with our thoughts.
    my last concluente experiment i send to my friend a number between 0 to 100 he receive all the number.
    if you want confirm my telepathy contact me my mail davildof@live.com
    my number phone 0021395555943
    waiting for your answer”

    www.PleiadianTalk.com: Psychic Development: Telepathy for partners exercise

    I wonder how many people are willing to try it?

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    Re: Who wants to contact a telepathy?

    Just a note to others who are considering responding to this. It sounds interesting and may in fact be totally innocent of sinister elements....... but remember too that there is the possibility that you would be opening the pathway to your mind to an element you know nothing about.( Sort of like linking to a program on a computer that has the ability to hack your own personal files.) I just would like to express caution here.....

    For some reason the nursery rhyme "Little Bo Peep" comes to my mind. Losing sheep is one thing.... finding their tails nailed to a tree is quite another. Linda

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    Re: Who wants to contact a telepathy?

    My only suggestion here is... the experiment looks just fine.... but do it ONLY with people that you know and trust. Linda

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