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Thread: Pushing Global Governance and Global Warming to Kids

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    Pushing Global Governance and Global Warming to Kids

    John C Dvorak
    Dvorak Uncensored
    December 23, 2009

    These are the videos now being pushed at kids which promotes, among other thing, the possible “cancellation of Christmas” because of Global warming. It’s the worst kind of propaganda as it’s designed to scare kids. This was commissioned by Build a Bear. Watch all three. It’s a whopper.


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    Build-a-bear: the sinister green plot to turn our kids into eco-fascist Manchurian ca

    James Delingpole
    London Telegraph
    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    Do Al Gore or Dr Rajendra Pachauri own shares in the international toy franchise Build-A-Bear? Here is a video – one of a series of three – that the company’s impressionable young customers are being directed to watch via its website www.buildabearville.com. (Hat tip: Plato Says)

    You can watch the other two .

    America’s parents aren’t happy at this kind of eco-indoctrination. Here’s a taste from Big Government.
    Every year we take the kids to Build-A-Bear, but we have now gone for the last time. I get enough indoctrination from the main stream media, and now I need to worry about what political messges Build-A-Bear feels a need to pass on to my grandchidren? I don’t think so. They just made sure that we will now switch to a store that sells toys that don’t come with political indoctrination. Build-A-Bear, you just lost an entire family and generation of good customers.

    Leave our children alone Build a Bear. I once thought your store was cute …. the whole concept of it but not anymore. Let children be children. They should not have to deal with heavy subjects such as Global warming which is a hoax anyway. Pure disgusting on your part and I will no longer shop at your stores or online.

    Wow … more like build-a-scare than a bear. This is unconscionable. My kids have a dozen of their products but we will NOT be shopping there anymore. I just can’t believe they actually did that. I shouldn’t be surprised but what a mistake.
    Full story here.


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    Christmas Back On! Build-A-Bear Surrenders, Pulls Videos

    Big Government
    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Yesterday, we brought you the disturbing story of Build-a-Bear’s on-line video series warning kids that the North Pole may completely disappear in just a few days, threatening Christmas. (Average December temperature in the North Pole is around minus 40 degrees Farenheit.)

    Needless to say, the story received a lot of attention and sparked several organized efforts to boycott the company’s products. By the end of what must have been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day in Build-a-Bearville, CEO and Founder Maxine Clark published the following letter to the public:

    build a bear letter pdf

    We welcome the news that the insipid videos have been removed. We’ll have much more to say on this soon and will mostly just let Ms. Clark’s words speak for themselves. It seems Build-a-Bear still doesn’t quite get where and how they went astray here.


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