Mayans could control water pressure

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Scientists have found more evidence that the Maya in ancient times could control water pressure. In the ancient Maya Lakamha 'waterways are nine, 56 springs, and cascades of hundreds of meters (water stairs). Now there's a fountain found. And perhaps there is more.

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The city Lakamha "has one of the most complex water systems of all ancient cities. That the Maya between the years 100 and 800 Spoken water pressure may be unique to say the least known. Europeans were much earlier in (1400 BC), but the system was nowhere near as complicated as the water in Lakamha.

Scientists who have studied the Maya, found a steep slope with a constriction at the end. Experts believe that this resulted in a fountain of six meters high. "This discovery shows that Maya's technology have gained much," concluded researcher Kirk of the French State University of Pennsylvania.

And what now? Scientists suspect that the Maya also had toilets in special buildings, like palaces. French: "People sometimes think that the Maya were no great engineers, because they were simple homes. The complex water system shows that this is not true. "

Written by: Tim Kraaijvanger.