From May 18
Please note that we have been working on some technical errors over the last little bit. Those errors include but are not limited to guests and members being re-directed to other websites, and pages not loading properly. At this time, we believe that we have solved these issues. If anyone still experiences any of these issues please let us know. We want your experience here at UHF to be the best one possible.

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This exploit forward users (mainly guest) who did a search with a major search engine away from UHF, only if they clicked on a link on the major search engine to UHF.
100’s of forums were affected by this, here is a exert explaining this exploit.

What happens?

If people come from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler or Baidu they end up on another site than yours. They are redirected to any of these sites (please tell us when one is missing)

  • and related sites

These websites appear to be affiliate sites that let's you download something. Most likely once the installation is done the 'hackers' will receive a fee or they try to infect people with malware. It's always a good idea to do additional virus scanning when you've ended up on that page. We've also submitted the domains to Google which will hopefully take measures.
For more information on this exploit go here:
Vbulletin myfilestore hack - Find the traces and remove them - Club Myce

All website have vulnerabilities, this is a fact of being on the internet. There is no way to protect against them all (only the known ones), as hackers are constantly looking for a new way to get in.
From May 19, 2013
We want everyone to be aware that we have also gone through some major server upgrades that have affected the sites today. We were NOT expecting any downtime, but lo-and-behold, we had some. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are now back online and there should be no further disruptions. <fingers crossed>

Please bear with us as there may be a few more glitches as we configure things after this major upgrade.
Thank you.

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