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Thread: The Way to Delusion - Buddha

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    The Way to Delusion - Buddha

    "Do not give up your authority and follow blindly the will of others. This will only lead to delusion." - Buddha

    The Way to Delusion - Buddha-do_not_give_up_authority_l-jpg
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: The Way to Delusion - Buddha

    I am a new comer and want to join this thread. I like Buddha’s teaching and way of life. I read about him very much. Here I want to share his views about life. These factors are eight. The eight factors of the path are these:
    1. Right understanding, a knowledge of the true nature of existence.
    2. Right thought, thought free from sensuality, ill-will and cruelty.
    3. Right speech, speech without falsity, gossip, harshness, and idle babble.
    4. Right action, or the avoidance of killing, stealing and adultery.
    5. Right livelihood, an occupation that harms no conscious living being.
    6. Right effort, or the effort to destroy the defilements of the mind and to cultivate wholesome qualities.
    7. Right mindfulness, the perfection of the normal faculty of attention.
    8. Right concentration, the cultivation of a collected, focused mind through meditation. Hope you like it.

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