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Thread: June 23rd - Gone But Not Ever Forgotten - 2 Ladies From Elliot Lake

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    June 23rd - Gone But Not Ever Forgotten - 2 Ladies From Elliot Lake

    It was this day, June 23rd 2012 that 2 ladies in Elliot Lake, Ontario died tragically when the town's mall, Algo Center Mall, collapsed on top of them. Lucie Aylwin and Dolores Perizzolo (Dumas) were those women who were taken from us on that day. Although one of the women (Lucie) had died over 1 day later, it is still marked as the day that set her death at the Algo Center mall.

    Although the mall no longer stands, that location will always be a reminder of those women, and what happened that day. Gone but never forgotten are 2 ladies; one nearing the end of her life, and one about to begin a new chapter in hers. Goodbye Lucie, and goodbye Dolores. For those that knew you, you are missed greatly; for those that never met you, this tragedy allows them to grieve your loss as well. You are missed by many.

    1,000 balloons are scheduled to be launched in memoriam today.

    Shortly after 2 p.m., the exact time of the collapse last June 23, they will release up to 1,000 balloons with messages attached at the ceremony, called "Remembering Together."
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    Re: June 23rd - Gone But Not Ever Forgotten - 2 Ladies From Elliot Lake

    It is a sad tragedy to die that way. It just goes to show it can happen anywhere at any time.

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