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Thread: The youngsters who struggle to speak because their parents let them to watch too much

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    The youngsters who struggle to speak because their parents let them to watch too much

    UK Daily Mail
    Monday, January 4th, 2010

    Nearly a quarter of boys – and one in seven girls – is struggling to learn to talk because thousands of households keep their TV sets on constantly making it difficult for them to understand the speech of adults around them.

    A survey revealed how 22 per cent of boys and 13 per cent of girls have trouble developing speech and understanding others.

    Three per cent suffer ’significant’ problems, according to a poll published by Jean Gross, the Government’s communications adviser.

    Middle-class children were just as likely to experience problems as youngsters from less affluent families, it emerged.

    Full article here


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    Children reaching age 3 without being able to say a word, survey finds

    Joanna Sugden
    Times Online
    January 4, 2010

    Children are reaching the age of 3 without being able to say a word, according to a survey that also found boys are almost twice as likely to struggle to learn to speak as girls.

    The average age for a baby to speak their first word is 10 to 11 months. However, a significant minority (4 per cent) of parents reported that their child said nothing until they were 3.

    Toddlers between the ages of 2 and 3 should be able to use up to 300 words, including adjectives, and be able to link words together, according to I CAN, the children’s communication charity. Late speech development can lead to problems, such as low achievement at school or mental health problems.

    Read entire article


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