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Thread: Lesser Known Secret Societies?

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    Lesser Known Secret Societies?

    Howdy! I'm working on a research project, and I was wondering if anyone could point me to lesser-known secret societies? Everyone knows the Masons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Skull & Bones, Black Hand, etc., but I was hoping for one or two that everyone hasn't already heard of.

    My ideal criteria: 1) contemporary with other secret societies in the 16th - 19th centuries, 2) some presence in America / the American colonies, 3) some mystical / wisdom / mysteries belief systems, and 4) not easily found on the internet. I'd like to have to visit an actual library or similar to learn more about this secret society.

    I'm NOT interesting in modern secret societies (like the Bilderberg group), academic societies (like the Skull & Bones), or ones that are plastered all over the internet (like the Masons / Illuminati).

    Kind of a tall order, I know! Thanks for any help you can provide.
    - R

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    Re: Lesser Known Secret Societies?


    I sense that the main problem that you are going to have is to be a successful secret network it has to have been able to be in operation without " casting a shadow".... so they are not going to show up in any normal literature and the best that you can hope for is to sense their presence in the activities of its members.

    I am currently trying to uncover more information on the small but powerful group that was helping my Dad ( Thomas Townsend Brown) pursue his research work , starting in the 1930s and going through his entire life. If you are at all familiar with his life you can see why a secret group would be interested in him.

    The man who wrote my Dads biography ( The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown" )decided to call them the " Caroline Group" after the grand yacht that belonged to one of the members in 1933 when Dad was drawn into their network. Many years later I dubbed them "Nassau" because thats where my life crossed into their influence. As far as I know they never had a name for themselves but their actions impacted the course of the United States. One... Floyd Odlum was actually responsible for funding Americas space programs before Congress released money to pay for it. His company ATLAS funded much of the initial research... thats why the rockets that took our first men into space were named ATLAS missiles. ( Have you ever heard of him? Probably not!) Others? William Lear (Lear Jets) for one.........These men were very good at getting things done without anyone knowing that they were behind what was happening.... they didn't care about taking credit for their work. Sir William Stephenson was also personally involved.... he was the primary "mentor" for the organization of Americas OSS which in 1947 became the CIA. But his primary interest was keeping his own group supplied with information that they needed. A grand spymaster some have called him and a wonderful man.

    Don't know if that might help you but this group was busy in the Resistance during World War Two and they maintained their secrecy afterward. A fascinating trail but not easy. Good luck. Linda

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    Re: Lesser Known Secret Societies?


    I am going to be posting more information about this " Group" and its activities both on the cosmic-token.com site and here on the Unhypnotize Forum. What you may find on one may enhance what you are seeing on the others...This is an example ...... I thought that it refers to something that might be right up your alley! And I am no fool... I would appreciate the help that you could provide in the exchange of information.

    [B]The work that is beginning here turned into what was a very secret project at the time.... the records of the Mongolfier Project have just recently been released but as you all can guess.... the smallest amount of information has reached the surface. In the preliminary meetings here though you can see the framework being set up for a multinational organization that has already been organized to see these " ships" built and in operation.

    Sometimes information was leaked. The statement that W. Smith ( the Canadian) was given in 1950 is an indication of one of those "leaks"..... for those of you who have been around for a long time.... it was a statement that came from an attache of Robert Sarbacher.... to Smith.... regarding a Project involving " Flying Saucer propulsion systems" that was more secret than the bomb."

    For those of you who are newbies to the story I will try to find links to that but its easy enough and out there enough.....

    A handful of men... yet they seemed to be at the very top of the military and financial power....the thing that makes them almost impossible to trace is that their influence was not couched in greed or the need for power.... they already had what they needed to get things done....They needed not to be recognized and they sure accomplished that.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    Do some of you see the implications of this? Join me on this trail!... its going to be an interesting journey! And thank you for your support Lady of Light. The man looking at all of these boxes thanks you also.


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    Re: Lesser Known Secret Societies?

    Hi Linda!

    This is a fascinating story! I did some research about your father, and it must be an amazing experience to be so close to one of the mysteries and cover ups of that time period. I'll be excited to watch where you go with this.

    It's a bit too modern and practical to match what I'm looking for, exactly, but it's definitely a great reference point about real life secret societies.


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    Re: Lesser Known Secret Societies?

    What years were you researching exactly? Your hoped for target dates and areas? I guess that uncovering a really secret situation might be possible but you have to know that people in fact do die with their secrets. Once you put yourself in a situation where you have no first hand witnesses you are REALLY asking for a difficult chore. I feel for you because I know how stressful this is going to be for you.

    Once you settle on what you are looking for and the time frame let me know please so I can keep an eye out for material that might match up for you. I know that the " Caroline or Nassau Group was ancient but the problem is that once you go beyond the span of a lifetime... its almost impossible to keep track of them. Heck... its almost impossible now.

    Is this a school project or research for a book you want to write?

    The best to you. Try to remember to have fun.... no matter how hard you are working! Linda

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    Re: Lesser Known Secret Societies?

    Even further back than that, actually! I was looking for 18th century if not earlier. I don't need intimate historical records and proceedings, although the more of that the better, but some details and first hand accounts, along with plenty of rumor and story would be fine. So, yeah, this wouldn't necessarily be the kind of thing that would be verifiable. It's for a creative project, so there won't be any extreme hair-pulling, but thanks for your concern!

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    Re: Lesser Known Secret Societies?

    How can you get actual first hand accounts from that early... journals, diaries? Linda

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    Re: Lesser Known Secret Societies?

    Some of that, yeah. I've actually read some cool documents from the 1700s and 1800s, personal letters and stuff like that. I've also found books that are basically a list of every secret society, rumored or factual. Since my goal is more "inspiration" than "digging up all the dirt," I can make do if need be without verifiable pure facts. That's why it's easier for me than for you!

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    Re: Lesser Known Secret Societies?

    So if this is all " inspiration" and not based on any facts anywhere... why are you even bothering to do any research at all? I am confused. <g> ( what else is new? <g> ) Linda

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    Re: Lesser Known Secret Societies?

    Well the IDEAL is something very factual that I've researched thoroughly, but if there are details that, say, everyone had HEARD or BELIEVES but it's not possible to verify them (which is often the case with this sort of thing), then I can work with that, too. It's not a school paper, it's a creative project. I just really like to as credible and true to life as possible.

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