Everyone has their own free will
Monday, March 16, 2009

Everyone is again aware of its origin, is in our own source. There is nothing of ourselves lost, everything is still in our own free will . Memory is our 9th Chakra, but our own memory was blocked. This is because the people are not believed and trusted in his own inner self where all occupants.

Therefore, it is also a gel over of your own inner self and we can not see, but it is there. Everyone has their own free will and determination we can achieve everything and this is in our Mind / Spirit. Any man can stand up for themselves, as we also like. SAY I also want my own SQ intelligence is intelligence and memory in me go, then I understand everything much better.

I again want to know everything. I want the truth, this is my birthright, because this is still in me. Understand, every man is created Spiritual Energetic =''no way''an Earth so we can turn to believe and trust in our own inner self in every us go. This we do not understand with a global IQ Intelligence.

Human nature is to believe and trust in his own natural immunity and this unit is in us and protected us. We can heal ourselves by a failure of our own energy to approach an energy = mental level. Problems usually arise on a spiritual level. This is still not sufficiently recognized and this is necessary. Will we need to do something to let go and process and is confident in the future.

Everyone has luminosity healing energies that are our own energy sources and depend on ourselves or our own energy well function. His positive attitude we ourselves, our energy function well and we are healthy. Are we ourselves established, this negative interference in our own energy sources and thereby bacterial toxin Friday

Dan is not someone's metabolism, that person can not be a natural way through his adrenal glands, bowel, cry or to talk about something that negativity release. Energy is mental, these problems, we therefore different approach. If a person is not good 'digests', it means that this person can not let go and everything is holding.

This person can not handle and keep the negativity down, releasing negativity is THE most important lesson and is part of life itself. Also change your thinking to positive and then you can handle everything and let go. Therefore STA in mind WOVEN the Earth 3D and 4D negativity, which are not intended for Human Rights, which give the problems and pains.

Negativity can not be released as we continue to own negative thinking. Positive light, we can combat them negatively in a natural way.

Source: spiritual wisdom