Cosmic Evolution, the home of Humanity
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Natural Evolution comes from ALL THERE IS LIGHT the Universal Consciousness. The Natural Evolution has luminosity Energies in itself, ensuring that by 2012 a collective entity for the entire humanity is realized. ALL THERE IS Universal Consciousness in itself, the Universe, stars Dimensions, World, Earth, Mankind, Animals and Wildlife. The Cosmic Humanity home of the 10 stars LIGHT dimensions, these are the Plaiaden + Orion + Syrian Star System. We can not understand our Earth IQ Intelligence is no earthly logic 'thinking' to understand. We have our spiritual SQ intelligence needed to understand. We can do everything we go, this is to believe + trust in our own inner self. UNIT ourselves in when our 10 chakras are balanced, then we have Cosmic Evolution,we also remember our home.

The Age of Pisces the last century, the people of inner feeling stuck, this is our 4th I Yin + Yang = Ego chakra. Chakras 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 there are also consciousness and together they form the foundation for our 10delig 5deZelfbewustzijn. We boss about our EGO = IK. Focus on your inner self, you can place in your 5th EGO conscious heart chakra, then there will be peace and calm within yourself. Then we can all handle and release and are happy with our natural inner self and this is the food that our Soul and Spirit also need.

The natural evolution process of this new era for Aquarius Man its 5th Heart Chakra opening. Our EGO awareness back into our heart / soul. Believe in your own inner self will come back UNITY in yourself. FROM your spontaneous feelings, expressed your feelings just because it is needed. This is stand up for yourself and then our 10 chakra is in balance and inner harmony.

Accept and respect all you, because we are an essential part of the Almighty. Spiritual Energies energy coming from the universe where Man also created. After this life on Earth, we turn our own light body back to our home 10 Cosmic Light Dimensions of Humanity also belongs. There are also our beloved deceased. Be aware Cosmic again, then we no longer afraid of death, because after this earthly life is a beautiful spiritual life. Trust in your own light body, because this is our Cosmic light vehicle to raise awareness of our own home already has. Everyone can find his own home.
Man has previously lived in the 10 Cosmic Light Dimensions. The Earth is now in its low 3rd Dimension, as the Earth is back in the 5th Dimension, the people back and forth "travel" of the Earth to our own Cosmic home and we do our own Light Body and is in our earthly body.

Everyone SQ = spiritual spiritual wisdom needed to understand. Every Human has Multipurpose consciousness in itself. = Own self-awareness, self = Higher intellect SQ + IQ intelligence. Truth Consciousness = THE Evolution, Christ Consciousness = our immunity. God Consciousness = spiritual wisdom - Unit = Cosmic Consciousness Evolution.

Our total inner SELF = 10delig 5deZelfbewustzijn = Soul / Heart / Conscience + Spirit / Spirit / energy / vitality + intellect SQ / IQ + 10 + 10 Senses aware chakras + 10 + 10 + Kundalini energy luminosity Master + memory cells our own EGO = I form our own personality. Our whole inner self is already in our own Light Body also in our earthly body.

Be a gel over your own inner self then we will connect with our own intelligence SQ where Evolution in it. Everyone has an inner I and this is not scary or mystical, it's already in us. We have it all conscience, but these are forgotten, we have our inner KEY needed. Humanity was outward-looking, because people had forgotten that we all have our inner self and be maintained and this has not everyone understood. With faith and trust in our inner self, we can again do everything we go. Therefore, it is also a gel over of your own inner IK, because our own heart + soul, our attention very much needed.

If a man believed and trusted in his own inner self, work luminosity energies are not, then that person is also mentally limited.

Understand this, every Man has 10 senses and believe and trust the 2 master keys to everything in ourselves to go. Every Man has a free will, say even if you want, I want it to understand. Then there is a new world before you open, it gives a Man a good purpose in his life. Spirituality is spiritual understanding. Everyone = spiritual energy created, so we can all understand this, because we already knew, but they are forgotten. This gives a nice meaning to all his life and it does not matter how old we are. Do we really just for ourselves, because we are responsible for ourselves.