When you are looking at the Flaws in the world ...
Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is absolutely imperative that you come to a place of positive
vibration which means you must adore you.

If you do not like yourself because then you can until you are blue in
the face and those things that you want can not come into your

The balance that you are wanting to bring into your life experience
is the balance or appreciate you.

And you appreciate you .... not all at once on the big things ... you
appreciate yourself

One thought by one thought.

One segment by one segment.

One time by one time

by looking for reasons to appreciate yourself.

If you are having trouble in your relationship, it is because you are
not liking yourself.

Much as you would like to give the blame to the other for what is
happening it is your lack of appreciation for self that is
responsible FOR EVERY AREA OF LACK in your experience.

If you're not getting along with your mate.

Your not getting along with your employer.

Your own physical body is sick.

You do not have enough money.

People are not treating you right.

There is not one negative thing that you are experiencing that is
happening for any other reason other than you are not appreciate

When you are critical or somebody else its not about them. Its about

When you are condemn the World whether it is the political world
or the religious world or the world economic or the ecological world

When you are looking at the Flaws in the world, it is not about the
world it is about you.! It is about the way you feel about you.

And so we say friends, nothing is more important than that you
establish your own relationship with you.

It our promise to you that your Inner Being adores you but you close
the door when you think thoughts about yourself or lack ..

Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape AB-20 Self Appreciation

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