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Thread: The Cosmic Law of karma

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    The Cosmic Law of karma

    The Cosmic Law of karma
    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    The negative karmic substance slows the vibration of the Light in our energy. Especially the vibration of electrons around the nucleus of an atom. That is because the negative energy of our karma empty space within the atom itself fills. This substance is similar to mud, syrups or a cement-like structure. We, the hardening of this substance with the hardening of the arteries in our physical body.

    The man is a spiritual being of light in the mortal world of Matter is geïncarneerd. Everyone has free will and the ability to own experiences in the Matter to remember and analyze. The whole evolution process is based on the fact that we have free will in a good way to learn to use. This means that free choices must be made without injury to put no part of Life.

    The Cosmic Law of karma is a teaching of our earthly existence. This Universal Law, we can in the most natural and personal way to learn what impact our daily choices will bring. 'Karma' in Sanskrit literally means' deed 'or' action '. Karma actually means to take action. In every action we take arising due to favorable or could be harmful to ourselves and our fellow man.

    This connection between the act and its consequences is the Cosmic Law of Karma based. If the consequences of the choices we make are favorable for life, we make a good or positive karma. If the impact an injury to any part of life, then we make a bad, negative karma. We are 100% responsible for the consequences of our actions and are required for all the damage we have ever done.

    The karmic circle

    In order to better our choices or experienced a good influence on our people, is the Cosmic Law of Karma is based on a closed circle. All the energy that we send our free will always turn back to us. We can always taste the creations of our own trials and a lot of learning. The choice we make from free will is the starting time of a certain karmic circle.

    The consequences of our actions or non actions to understand the best way to develop yourself. Therefore, the karmic law as a means of punishment, but as a school!

    The main lesson we can learn our karma is this: "What is the best way to respond to everything on us?" If you understand that you have the cause of a certain situation, you're better able to with that situation to go and resolve.

    When you finally returned circle of karma you want to try breaking in the first instance, the karmic consequences not evasion. Accept the situation with calmness, courage and love. Ga looking to the heart of the karmic circumstances and take the wise decision to use the new cycle in your life to begin! Learn your lesson, put things right, forgive yourself and others and ... let it go!

    The karmic magnet

    Karma is not only the ability of the circle (the recurring energy), but also the quality of a magnet.

    The strongest attraction in the human world is the magnetic force of karma that is formed by the consequences of our choices. This magnet provides the most important principles in our lives: in which country, which parents in any family and in what circumstances we will be born.

    But our work and partner choices including friends circle and the children are always karmic determined. Karma is an independent blocking effect that people in certain situations together. In that sense it seems karma on a personal formula where everything is calculated to display how many opportunities, talent and luck you can get and how much restrictions, tests and adversity in your life is waiting.

    How do you karma for?

    Our karmic script 'is a required part of our life plan composed before we come in reincarnation. Solve a certain percentage of negative karma is our duty. We are not free. Karma is lost by two at each other moments:

    - By serving the victims of our negative actions
    - In a painful or limited circumstances for certain time to live

    Yet, the main solution of karma to profound changes in our psychology. Our response patterns in the karmic situations forms the foundation of our deepest psychological problems that require a reincarnation to another ever take. It also provides for the repetition of the karmic situations and the increase of negative karma.

    It is not enough just to balance your karma, because you need the response patterns in the karmic situation may change. If you are finally free of that vicious circle. Self-observation, self and good professional psychological help are the best ways to separate yourself from past mistakes to make.

    The Aquarius Era and the gift of the violet fire

    The new Aquarius era is an era of the liberation of the soul, of unlimited creativity and prosperity of all human talents. The Great White Brotherhood, and especially the leader of Aquarius Age, Saint Germain, had a special gift to humanity again - the gift of the mutant trans violet flame. This special spiritual flame will help everyone to his own karma on a spiritual and faster way to solve it.

    With the help of violet fire are you capable of karma in 2 to 5 years to balance what you normally 15 years of suffering, disease and restrictions will cost. Violet Fire is not magic! You should certainly have pure motives in your heart to this energy efficient to operate.

    If your violet flame for your selfish goals or end for all kinds of manipulations, the force used by the Cosmic Law blocked! You can violet fire on several ways: through the power of mantras and affirmations, and by means of visualization.

    Erase your memories with violet energy

    We all have painful memories from this or other life waiting on a resolution. The soul longs for the liberation of the negative effect of its past. All negative and painful memories take place in our aura and the unconscious, the flow of new opportunities in our lives blocks.

    You can use the power of visualization to the painful memories to erase with violet fire. See a cascade of violet energy from your spiritual vision screen flows wash away the painful images. Instead, it shows a bright white sun on your view screen that symbolizes a new day.

    There are 2 elements that you are the trans mutate with violet fire:

    - Your emotions associated with the painful memories
    - The karmic substance which is a binder between you and your karmic partner

    Remember the good: You are only free of the karmic bond with a person if all the energy of the negative thoughts and feelings towards this person in your field.

    What is the karmic substance look like?

    Everything in the spiritual and material world is energy in the form of an electro-magnetic force.

    Karma is a force of concentrated energy that a very low vibration level. The negative karmic substance slows the vibration of the Light in our energy. Especially the vibration of electrons around the nucleus of an atom. That is because the negative energy of our karma empty space within the atom itself fills. This substance is similar to mud, syrups or a cement-like structure. We, the hardening of this substance with the hardening of the arteries in our physical body.

    The lower the vibration level of the Light in our aura, the more the attraction of the mass consciousness of our carriers. The negative human mind have free access to our energy. We are no longer capable of pure white light that keeps us alive in the right way to take. The disturbed relationship with life on the physical level caused accidents, diseases and deficiencies.

    Violet fire spiritual energy from which a very high vibration level works as a real spiritual cleaning agent. He lost the karmic substance within the atoms completely to the original state of purity!

    Working with violet fire seek spiritual knowledge, practice and patience. It works well, but it calls for regular and daily application. Do you know more about the use of the Violet Flame?

    Take a 2-hour workshop "Violette fire spoken word in action" in Aquarius, contact your goldenleaf@live.nl.

    We offer personal guidance in your spiritual quest for the liberation of the soul of the Cosmic Law of Karma!

    "Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck."

    - Dalai Lama --

    Original source: novosite

    Source: aquariusage
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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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