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Thread: What If? Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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    What If? Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    What If?
    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    What if you held the key to unlocking the greatest discovery of mankind?
    What If? The Movie focuses on humanity's truly unlimited potential, while show-casing extraordinary ideas and people from around the globe.
    Unique and fascinating interviews with many of today's most Intrepid doctors, scientists, philanthropists and visionaries Aries combined with stunning international cinematography and visual effects, will encourage you to look beyond the impossible and seek answers in a new and exciting realm of possibilities!
    Join us as we engage the audience with fascinating forays into a new field of science, spirituality and consciousness influencing physiology, with Dr. Bruce Lipton, incredible feat of martial arts mastery with Master Zhou, as well as thought provoking and life-changing Revelations from ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary acts, from living off of the sun's energy to self-healing life threatening physical and emotional illnesses.
    Be prepared to question your reality as you are introduced to these extraordinary individuals who are achieving the Miraculous and truly awakening us to the unlimited power that lies within!
    These incredible manifestations expand far beyond what social consciousness may think is possible. They will inspire you to follow your own INNATE awareness, allowing you to open to your true unlimited self!


    YouTube watched clips from What If? The Movie reach over 200,000 viewers in less than three weeks of their worldwide release in January 1st, 2009 and that number continues to climb by the minute. Viewers are calling What If? The Movie the next level to "What The Bleep Do We Know." Many viewers say that they far prefer What If? The Movie to The Secret, made popular by the film featured on Oprah and Larry King Live (CNN). Already, What If? The Movie is attracting international media attention and it's recently become the buzz of Web bloggers globally. This is no surprise as there has never before been a ensemble cast like this starring Bruce Lipton PHD, Bernie Siegel MD, PhD. Joe Dispenza, Brandon Bays, Dr. Emoto and 28 other extraordinary minds. For the first time in cinematic history, the film delivers individuals who have manifested realities extending far beyond what social consciousness may think is possible! What If? The Movie - James A Sinclair

    Read the rest here
    Translated version of http://www.whatifthemovie.tv/Articles.asp?ID=158


    YouTube - What if? The Movie - James A Sinclair

    Source: What if?

    Translated version of http://www.whatifthemovie.tv/
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    Friedrich Nietzsche

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