The power of creation
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The creative force is already in us, it's an inner strength of faith. Trust is the strongest property that a man can have, because it is a force which we might create. Without trust, a man incapable of a normal life, then life is difficult. Confidence is the key that we need to create, because life gives us confidence and inner strength and courage and therefore we can also live a better experience and we can live in health as it is intended.

Believe in these words, we all have a happier time response, because it is a time of reflection and the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. If we understand the spiritual laws, then we know that our spirit a part of the Creator / Creators IN has. A developed SPIRIT learn new offenses, than we know now that we can create because it is our birthright. So the man finally relieved from his suffering and this happens if we take control over our thinking. From pure ignorance creates fear though, this is because man has no faith in life itself. By trust and pure thought, the man inside help. Also, be careful with what you think, we can create with our thoughts, so keep your thoughts pure. The teachings of the CER effect let people know we all have the right to be happy and you'll be happy.

We live now with a creation energy around us, this means that humanity itself can create, so create. The man is now independent and can now own strength and conviction something stops working or Release TRANSFORMERS. Trust this because it is really. We are now saddled with all sorts of negative karma of our spiritual family, that they do not, but we do, let go what is your path. Negative Karma is now dead and energy that no longer exists, only in our thoughts. Karma no longer fought to be or not be more ago, create freedom for yourself and your family to let go of all negative what is on your path. This is for first class, feel pain and say therefore LEAVES the LOSS, this pain is not mine. These forces have our seat. It is also a time of spiritual awareness and understand where everything is about, which is releasing what no longer works. New energy we have around us to create. Accept this life with a smile, be happy with yourself, then the answers also evident.

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