What is Tantra?

Tuesday, May 14, 2009

Tantra has been practiced for thousands of years by yogi's and yogini's in India as a spiritual path. Sexuality is an essential part of this spiritual path. Tantra offers the possibility of using breathing techniques and an intensely focused attention, sexual energy into a healing, divine energy.

The conversion of sexual energy can lead to a deep spiritual experience. It is also possible for the combination of sexual energy directly to the use of a powerful prayer to charge.

Kama sutra
Tantra in the west, the last twenty-five years won considerable popularity. At first, mainly through richly illustrated books on the Kama sutra. The essence of tantra in this explicit visual images books often reduced to sensational and imaginative stands while leading to a varied sex life, but almost nothing to do with the energy and spiritual awareness which in tantra actually about.

Is generally assumed that tantra comes from natural religions in India and China. The word Tantra is derived from tan, which means' to expand, express, show. Tantra has been translated as "cosmic fabric, composed of different energies.

Popular definitions of tantra mention concepts such as spiritual, mysticism, holistic. A scientific definition of Tantra could be: A mystical teachings, mostly developed in the form of dialogues by a cosmic couple, god and goddess.

Healing ecstasy
In an ecstatic state runs the best life through the seven energy centers (chakras) of the body and we have full contact with the cosmic energy. Because of the energy balance that it creates are both body and mind in better balance, which is a higher state of consciousness can be achieved. Extase has a healing effect.

Different levels
An erotic experience can take place at three levels. Tantra sexuality falls under the third level:
the genital level
There is a sexual release at the level of genitalieen. Quick and even love to sleep 'to fall into this category.
The core level
There is a heart connection with the partner. The energy, the time for the genitalieen to move to the heart center. Characteristic of this stage is to feel a deep sense of love for the partner.
The cosmic level
Characteristic of this level relationship with the cosmic, ecstasy, one with the vitality, inspiration, experience of colors and many other sensations.

Source: spiritual sex