Seventh chakra
Monday, May 11, 2009

Seventh chakra: The seventh chakra, the crown chakra, is located on top of your head, your crown. The color of this chakra is purple or white and it is for our highest spiritual knowledge, bliss and gratitude.

The seventh chakra the seat of wholeness. Here we open for us and we realize the Divine spark of consciousness. From here is a lifeline to all existence and the truth of our own existence. Negative attitudes that we all just need to do, the idea reinforces the ego and gives it a license for exploitation and manipulation. I can not for us outside our own limited I recognize a higher power. This attitude fosters arrogance, false pride and an inflated ego that is invincible. Positive attitudes, grateful feelings for life and humility for what we received and experienced. If we realize that God loves us, protects us and leads, anchoring our awareness in a different reality. Spiritual awareness deepened our lives, it gives meaning and a higher purpose.

The seventh chakra is your universal identity.

Chakra-crown jewel: rock crystal, amethyst

Color: purple

Mantra: none

Petals: 1000

Element: None

Location: crown

Function: unity, wisdom

The crown-chakra is above the crown of the head or is sometimes referred to three fingers above. This is the most magical of all chakras. If the energy flows here, we feel sensations of total fulfillment and pure joy. It makes a wonderful connection to everything and everyone. We then feel invincible and able to do everything to achieve what we want. But closing the center and you are exiled to a manikin fantasy world, always looking for the beauty and happiness beyond your reach, unable to see your spiritual authenticity to feel if you really connect with yourself or your partner.

Major life areas:
Unity, transcendence, beliefs, higher power vision.

Gets out of his balance in the accumulation or subject of:
Withheld information, expressed curiosity, enforced religiosity, blind obedience, lies.

Physical disorders:
Migraines, brain tumors, memory loss, cognitive delusions.

Characteristics of an underdeveloped seventh chakra:
Spiritual cynicism, learning difficulties, rigid beliefs, apathy, excess in lower chakras.

Characteristics of a developed seventh chakra:
spiritual addiction, confusion, dissociation of the body.

Source: the fifth dimension