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Thread: Thoughts from Gregg Braden author Science of Miracles

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    Thoughts from Gregg Braden author Science of Miracles

    This is the bonus interview found on "The Science and Miracles" DVD.

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    Re: Thoughts from Gregg Braden author Science of Miracles

    This is some fascinating information that Gregg Braden shares here.

    I myself started on a path of Biblical research, studying and understanding the spiritual realm in earlier years, then reading everything I could in the area of quantum physics in more recent years, as well as studying the power of the mind for many years.

    Much of what Gregg shares resonates with me as being quite accurate. When I read his book the Divine Matrix, it astounded me that the "language of the universe" he summed up at the end of the book was essentially the same as prayer. Well, not prayer as in begging and hoping, as most people think of it, but prayer as the bible explains it, believing in advance that you have received what you have asked for and feeling the feelings of gratitude for having it in advance. This type of prayer produces results... interesting coincidences and serendipities occur... but it is not easy to act on faith, or believe contrary to what the senses report back to us, yet this is where the magic occurs, and I have experienced this many times.

    I particularly am struck by Greggs comments about how we are designed to supercede the laws of physics, and wish he had gone into that a bit further for the benefit of anyone who views this interview. Something which members might appreciate in this area is a video which shows a tumor being disolved and disappearing solely through prayer which was mentioned by Gregg in the Divine Matrix

    Thanks for posting this, as it was quite interesting and informative...!
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