Soul and Spirit

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Your soul and spirit that you own, this is your own inner self, so even show interest in the needs of your inner self and you can do this by a sense, and your inner child and proud of yourself to be. You have unconsciously neglected your inner self and your inner self so excluded.

You have a body needs a''vehicle''for your soul and spirit, your care or the outside of your body and what do you do for your inner engine to keep healthy. A body without a soul and spirit is like a car without engine and battery and oil. Health of the soul and spirit is the true purpose for which you now live for your soul and spirit also "food" to serve and that is mentally = spiritual wisdom. Come out of your isolation, then you understand that you are much more than just body.

In Medicine that seeks to improve the body, without acknowledging that you have a soul and spirit, where the challenges of health or disease of the body is hidden, there is often no cure, since the soul or spirit does not heal. The disease starts from the inside, from your 10 chakras absorb everything you and your problems as outside work. It may be that you are too hard on yourself. Or that you do not defend yourself. You have to love yourself, you should just be positive for yourself, you're worth it.

In Psychology, the soul + spirit or recognized as understood that the problems achterschuilen that a person has. To the level of the soul and spirit to heal, it is necessary that you acknowledge that you have a soul and spirit. You own your own negative impact on behavior and actions and negative thoughts and you change yourself to be positive. Negativity remains in your soul and spirit stuck until you understand and self-released, because you are responsible for yourself. Include your problems and transform negative to positive, this is good for your soul and spirit and your physical health.

Stress, Burn out, collapses are problems that arise because your soul and spirit it have experienced with you and have stored, because they are a fixed part of you. This may be due to anxiety, death, emotions, separation, incest, etc. You can not cure the problem, but understand that this IS the reason why you are sick become. Leave LOS mentally, it's us all over, it's inhumane, also forgive yourself for all your negative thoughts and this helps you stronger to go with your life.

Sources: Spiritual Wisdom - Reiki en spirituele artikelen